We recognise ourselves as a part of the society that is interested in both the development of the state as a whole and the local community.

Participation in non-governmental organisations and professional associations

The participation in non-governmental organisations and professional associations provides an opportunity to participate in the making of decisions of national importance, to initiate legislative changes and use of funding, to learn the public opinion and to defend the interests of the public. The companies of the SC group are the members of the Latvian Association of Road Constructors, association “Latvian Road Constructor”, as well as other professional and social organisations.


Charity in our understanding is a matter of course of success, therefore, each year we donate funds to education, culture, sports and social projects. As much as possible, we respond to the requests of non-governmental organisations, sports associations, educational institutions, amateur collectives to support educational goals, as well as events of public interest and social inequity mitigation measures, as well as ourselves organise assistance to people in crisis situations.

Promotion of education

The career selection and professional education of students is one of the priorities of the SC group – the development of the company and the industry is largely dependant on skilled professionals who love their profession.

High school students are welcome to shadow our employees, visit and tour our companies and departments, for example, the quarry “Villas” in Talsi municipality. In cooperation with the association “JCI Latvia”, we have visited schools during career days and taled about professions necessary in the road construction industry, supported the camp “New leader academy” etc.

In 2004 Saldus Engineering College in cooperation with LTD “Saldus ceļinieks” developed an education program “Road construction technician”, where the special subjects are also taught by the professionals from “Saldus ceļinieks”. We have formed collaboration with the Riga Technical University (RTU) – it provides training and continuous education of our road construction specialists, while “Saldus ceļinieks” offers traineeships for the students.

Several dozen young professionals, who have studied in Saldus Engineering College or the RTU and have learned about the company within the framework of these collaboration projects, are now employed by SC group.

Participation in municipal events

The companies of the SC group are permanent participants in Saldus, Kuldīga and Talsi municipal events – we participate in marches, gift performances of visiting artists and support events in other ways.  During the traditional Museum Night orienteering competition in Saldus, we created checkpoints with clever tasks.

We excitedly create our teams for various sporting events and fight for the honour of our company. It is easy to involve us in various social activities, as we all are or, at least, feel young, energetic and love the place where we live and work.