We provide wide range of modern machinery services – universal loaders, frontal loaders (with scales), wheel excavators (with rotor), chain excavators (with rotator and profile buckets), dozers (with 3D machine control technology), bottom rollers (with compacting control technology), auto-graders, articulated dumpers, transportation (from 5 to 18m3), sweeping machines, asphalt rollers, asphalt fitters, tar equipment for surface treatment, asphalt cutters and trailers with a capacity up to 40 tons.

We have professional and experienced operators and drivers with years of experience in road construction, therefore all equipment is offered with professional operators.

We offer trailer services in the Baltic countries.

Please, contact our machinery representative to learn more about our services.

Department manager

Ivars Kuskovs
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Māris Kreicbergs,
Tel.: +371 29222171

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Department manager

Dainis Otto
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